Workshop on Complexity, modelling and Islamic finance

Islamic Financial Engineering Laboratory organises on 18 and 19 February a workshop on “Complexity, modelling and Islamic finance”  in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank and the SABIC Chair for Islamic Financial Markets (Imam Mohammad bin Saud University). This workshop will bring together internationally renowned speakers in the field of complexity, modeling and Islamic finance.

 Alongside the workshop, a ceremony will be held  to confere the awards to the winners of the Best Application of Agent-Based Simulation in Islamic Finance contest that was launched previously in February 2015. The top five projects, including the three winning entries, will be presented during the event.


Seminar: Economics of Sharing Contracts

Economics of Sharing Contracts” is the theme of the seminar to be held from 26 to 28 February 2015 at the Islamic Financial Engineering Laboratory. It will be led by Dr. Mahmoud Sami Nabi.

Dr. Mahmoud Sami Nabi is an associate professor of economics and Head of the Economics Department at Tunisia Polytechnic School (TPS). He served as Senior Research Economist at the Research Division of IRTI (Institute of the Islamic Development Bank) between 2011 and 2013 and was previously Deputy Director of the Business School of Sousse.
Dr. Nabi holds an Engineering Degree from TPS, and a PhD in economics from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

Séminaire : Economie des contrats participatifs

« Économie des Contrats Participatifs » est le thème du séminaire qui aura lieu du 26 au 28 Février 2015 au Laboratoire d’Ingénierie Financière Islamique. Il sera animé par Le Docteur Mahmoud Sami Nabi.

Dr. Mahmoud Sami NABI est un professeur agrégé d’économie et directeur du département d’économie de Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie (TPS). Il a occupé le poste d’économiste-chercheur Senior à la Division de recherche de l’IRTI (Institut de Recherche de la Banque Islamique de Développement) entre 2011 et 2013 et a été auparavant vice-directeur de la Business School de Sousse.
Dr. Nabi détient un diplôme d’ingénieur de TPS ainsi qu’un doctorat en économie de l’Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Press Release

The Islamic Development Bank and Mohammed V University Sign an Agreement to Establish Islamic Financial Engineering Laboratory
Ahmed Mohammad AliWail Benjelloun

The Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Mohammad V University-Agdal, Rabat, Morocco, have signed an agreement to establish the first of its kind Islamic Financial Engineering Lab at the Mohmmadia School of Engineering. The Lab will develop state-of-art agent-based simulation (ABS) platform and conduct research to develop, evaluate and test new Islamic financial instruments and systems, and how they could assist the economic development of IDB member countries and the Islamic financial industry.
As a 3-year Ph.D. program, the Lab aims towards building a new generation of financial engineers for the Islamic financial industry that succeed in applying modern techniques to implement the objectives of the Islamic economics in financial innovative instruments. Candidates of the Lab shall build models and contribute publishable work that identifies certain challenges of Islamic financial industry and how they can be practically solved.
The Lab capitalizes on the long-standing expertise of the Research Laboratory for Applied Mathematics (LERMA) at the Mohammadia School of Engineering, and the leading role of the Islamic Development Bank in Islamic banking and finance, as representedby the recently established Financial Product Development Center at IDB.
The Islamic Development Bank was established in 1395H-1975, and is the first international Islamic bank. Next year it will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. Mohammad V University, founded in 1957, was the first university in Morocco, and is considered as the Polytechnique in the country. Morocco is an active member of the Islamic Development Bank, and IDB has supported many developmental projects in Morocco.